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New Expert Zone Column on My Connected Home

Microsoft has published my column on Vista computers and devices that all work together transparently on my home network. Technorati tags: Vista, Media Center, MCE, OCUR, DCT, WiFi, home networking

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Help Design HP’s Next Laptop

I received an invitation, in part because of some reviews I’ve done as a blogger, to provide feedback and ideas to HP on what kind of laptop I’d design if I could do it myself. The sky is the limit … Continue reading

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TX1000 – Much nicer wireless with 802.11 Draft N ExpressCard from D-Link

One of my few complaints about HP’s TX1000 is the 802.11g performance with the embedded Broadcom radio. 802.11a on the same wireless radio is better, but the G side performance was not up to my expectations nor was it as … Continue reading

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HP TX1000 – Get the Fingerprint Reader Option!

HP’s TX1000 series Entertainment (Tablet PC Convertible) has one feature that deserves a post of its own. An embedded fingerprint reads (Authentec AES 1610) can be found on the left side of the screen, and coupled with the Bioscrypt Verisoft … Continue reading

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HP’s TX1000 Entertainment Notebook – First Look Part 2

The more I use the HP TX1000 (TX1001xx) convertible (tablet) entertainment PC, the more I think that this machine is a great all around choice for the mainstream consumer. It’s got just about everything, and the customization choices on the … Continue reading

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First Look – HP Pavilion TX1000 (TX1001xx) Tablet PC

A Tablet PC for Joe and Jane Sixpack as well as geeks? (HP TX1000 Product Review) HP and AMD were looking for non tablet users to evaluate a new “convertible” tablet pc and I raised my hand. I thought it … Continue reading

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