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D-Link DSM-210 Internet Frame Part 2

The D-Link DSM-210 Internet Frame really is best of breed. Besides displaying images from various places on my network, or from its built in 1 gig memory, it does a really great job of displaying RSS feed snippets from blogs … Continue reading

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HP MediaSmart Connect x280n

HP was kind enough to send me an early near production version of their soon to be released (July 31) MediaSmart Connect Home Theater component. I’ve had a few minutes to take a VERY quick look and the first impression … Continue reading

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D-Link DSM-210 Internet Picture Frame

Over the weekend I received a D-Link DSM-210 ten inch widescreen format digital frame. While there are a ton of frames available, the only ones I’d consider for personal use must include a bulletproof way to stream content from my … Continue reading

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Wireless Networking Gear-the Softer Side

I’ve got this great DAP-1555 Draft 802.11n “Xtreme N Duo Mediabridge” that I use to wirelessly enable my Xbox 360. (You can buy these in pairs to add to existing networks. And if you want to use your 360 wirelessly, … Continue reading

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New Expert Zone Column on My Connected Home

Microsoft has published my column on Vista computers and devices that all work together transparently on my home network. Technorati tags: Vista, Media Center, MCE, OCUR, DCT, WiFi, home networking

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How to bolster wireless security away from home

If you travel with a laptop and connect wirelessly, you need to take extra precautions. Most public wireless providers and hot spots use no security at all. Everything you send and receive is sent in the clear with no encryption. … Continue reading

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TX1000 – Much nicer wireless with 802.11 Draft N ExpressCard from D-Link

One of my few complaints about HP’s TX1000 is the 802.11g performance with the embedded Broadcom radio. 802.11a on the same wireless radio is better, but the G side performance was not up to my expectations nor was it as … Continue reading

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Is Your Wireless NIC Logo’d for Vista?

If you want to know if there is a signed WHQL’d driver for your wireless NIC, this page has the list you are looking for. Remember that some of the larger vendors like Atheros, Broadcom, Realtek et al produce the … Continue reading

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Momento 70 Vista Enhanced Wireless Picture Frame

At CES, I was wowed by this new generation picture frame from i-mate called Momento. It’s slick, Vista friendly in the extreme, and even can setup the wireless network with Windows Connect Now using a USB flash key.   I’ll … Continue reading

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