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Tornado Warnings in NH Again

Unreal. Fourth time this summer…

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$15 to Check first bag on American Airlines

Here we go. The end of airline travel as we know it. American Airlines has announced substantial cutbacks in service, decommissioning of aircraft, and increase of other fees from $5 to $50. And if you check a bag, you’ll need … Continue reading

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MS to force us to view ads whether we want to or not ??

ZDnet blogger Russell Shaw certainly has found a scary patent filed by Microsoft. “Enforcing rendering advertisements and other predetermined media content in connection with playback of downloaded selected media content. Playback of selected media content is made conditional on acquisition … Continue reading

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Infected job search sites lead to identity theft for 1.6M

Computer World is reporting that job search sites, including the highly trafficked may have compromised visitors who click on malicious ads. Yesterday the report was 40K+ users, now it’s 1.6 million.   Technorati tags: security, ID theft, malware

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Hey, Acer CEO – YOU are Part of the Vista Problem

Gianfranco Lanci, you’re an uninformed CEO if you don’t know that the disappointment is in YOUR company’s lack of driver support, unintelligible support and download site. How can you state: “While the industry had waited for years for Vista, the … Continue reading

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Best Buy Tells Me "Online Prices are Different"

No wonder the State of CT is suing Best Buy. Yesterday, I checked all the Internet ads for a microSD card for my cell phone. Best Buy had a 2GB Sandisk card plus adapter for 49.99 less 5.00 sale price. … Continue reading

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Death Penalty for Spammers

Sometimes I think that a death penalty for spammers would be too lenient. Robert Alan Soloway crying poverty and using a public defender until slapped down. And driving his Mercedes convertible to court. This guy should be deported. To another … Continue reading

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