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Why the Hoopla for the LG Smart TV Upgrader?

For the past few days, every tech site and blog seems to be overly excited about the announcement by LG about the LG Smart TV Upgrader they will be showing at CES 2011 (but likely not to be available until … Continue reading

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Windows 7 Play To/DLNA Streams to iPhone/iPad

Yes, you read that correctly. The iPxxx devices don’t natively support DLNA functionality, which rules out using Windows 7 Play To”, so I decided to see what could be done, at least as a proof of concept, to try to … Continue reading

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Sonos S5 Music Players, Connected, Converged, Fantastic

I’m not easily impressed, but my jaw is hanging open today after installing two Sonos S5 Music Players to cover my home with end to end music. I’ve used computers, Media Center Extenders and all kinds of hardware and software … Continue reading

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D-Link DSM-210 Internet Frame Part 2

The D-Link DSM-210 Internet Frame really is best of breed. Besides displaying images from various places on my network, or from its built in 1 gig memory, it does a really great job of displaying RSS feed snippets from blogs … Continue reading

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D-Link DSM-210 Internet Picture Frame

Over the weekend I received a D-Link DSM-210 ten inch widescreen format digital frame. While there are a ton of frames available, the only ones I’d consider for personal use must include a bulletproof way to stream content from my … Continue reading

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HP’s TX2000 Entertainment PC: A perfect all around notebook/tablet?

Do I now have the perfect “home, multimedia, on the road and around town” mobile notebook/tablet pc? Last year I had a chance to be one of the first to get a look at HP’s TX1000. I liked it a … Continue reading

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D-Link DSM-750 Media Center Extender (FAR better than Linksys!)

I’ve just setup a production DSM-750 Medialounge Media Center Extender. This new extender streams everything over Wireless 802.11n Draft 2.0 (using a DGL-4500 in 5GHz mode) including High Definition Live and Recorded TV from a Vista Ultimate x64 box with … Continue reading

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MS to force us to view ads whether we want to or not ??

ZDnet blogger Russell Shaw certainly has found a scary patent filed by Microsoft. “Enforcing rendering advertisements and other predetermined media content in connection with playback of downloaded selected media content. Playback of selected media content is made conditional on acquisition … Continue reading

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High End Alienware OCUR/DCT PC is Coming

I’m very happy with My Velocity Micro Home Theater dual OCUR machine. Alienware is apparently entering the market on the super high end side with a dual OCUR machine. “Shortly, Alienware will be delivering a higher-end Media Center product with … Continue reading

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iMate Momento 100 at Best Buy (Sorta)

At CES, I was wowed by this new generation picture frame from i-mate called Momento. It’s slick, Vista friendly in the extreme, and even can setup the wireless network with Windows Connect Now using a USB flash key. Best Buy’s … Continue reading

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