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MS to force us to view ads whether we want to or not ??

ZDnet blogger Russell Shaw certainly has found a scary patent filed by Microsoft. “Enforcing rendering advertisements and other predetermined media content in connection with playback of downloaded selected media content. Playback of selected media content is made conditional on acquisition … Continue reading

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High End Alienware OCUR/DCT PC is Coming

I’m very happy with My Velocity Micro Home Theater dual OCUR machine. Alienware is apparently entering the market on the super high end side with a dual OCUR machine. “Shortly, Alienware will be delivering a higher-end Media Center product with … Continue reading

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iMate Momento 100 at Best Buy (Sorta)

At CES, I was wowed by this new generation picture frame from i-mate called Momento. It’s slick, Vista friendly in the extreme, and even can setup the wireless network with Windows Connect Now using a USB flash key. Best Buy’s … Continue reading

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HP’s TX1000 Entertainment Notebook – First Look Part 2

The more I use the HP TX1000 (TX1001xx) convertible (tablet) entertainment PC, the more I think that this machine is a great all around choice for the mainstream consumer. It’s got just about everything, and the customization choices on the … Continue reading

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iPhone Apparently Coming in June

This should be interesting. Oscar commercial teaser linked below   Technorati tags: Technology

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