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Windows 8 on my iPad

Sort of. Thanks to Splashtop streamer and the iPad mobile client. I was a little frustrated as all my existing RDP clients on my iPad (Logmein, VNC RDP, etc. would only show me a black desktop). I ask the Splashtop … Continue reading

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Dock an app group folder on your iPad

A quick tip for those of you that haven’t figured this out yet. First, you can drag any individual app icon to the dock so that it shows on every screen, But did you know that you can also drag … Continue reading

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Apple MobileMe Stops Working for (Some? All?) Windows Users and Apple Says Fix in a few DAYS?

I appear to be one of the users afflicted. Existing computers that were syncing fine stopped and don’t show as registered. New computer never before synced also  can’t register. Apple Support forums with many user reports – e.g., http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2553248&start=15&tstart=0  Waited … Continue reading

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While I’m an admitted Windows Enthusiast/Junkie/Evangelist/Microsoft MVP/Fanatic, I decided that the iPad is a must have gadget. I can’t effectively do much except  “light” mail replying and minimalist web browsing and social networking and anything else that requires reading on … Continue reading

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