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HP’s TX2000 Entertainment PC: A perfect all around notebook/tablet?

Do I now have the perfect “home, multimedia, on the road and around town” mobile notebook/tablet pc? Last year I had a chance to be one of the first to get a look at HP’s TX1000. I liked it a … Continue reading

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D-Link DSM-750 Media Center Extender (FAR better than Linksys!)

I’ve just setup a production DSM-750 Medialounge Media Center Extender. This new extender streams everything over Wireless 802.11n Draft 2.0 (using a DGL-4500 in 5GHz mode) including High Definition Live and Recorded TV from a Vista Ultimate x64 box with … Continue reading

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Updating Acer Ferrari x64 Ultimate with new BIOS

Acer refuses to provide a 64 bit winphlash. I finally figured out a quick and easy solution (not wanting to buy a USB floppy). Acer adamantly refuses to acknowledge that 64 bit users want to update their BIOS. And the … Continue reading

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New Expert Zone Column on My Connected Home

Microsoft has published my column on Vista computers and devices that all work together transparently on my home network. Technorati tags: Vista, Media Center, MCE, OCUR, DCT, WiFi, home networking

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High End Alienware OCUR/DCT PC is Coming

I’m very happy with My Velocity Micro Home Theater dual OCUR machine. Alienware is apparently entering the market on the super high end side with a dual OCUR machine. “Shortly, Alienware will be delivering a higher-end Media Center product with … Continue reading

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Hey, Acer CEO – YOU are Part of the Vista Problem

Gianfranco Lanci, you’re an uninformed CEO if you don’t know that the disappointment is in YOUR company’s lack of driver support, unintelligible support and download site. How can you state: “While the industry had waited for years for Vista, the … Continue reading

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Thinking about a memory upgrade for the Ferrari 5000

I’ve got to say that I have not fallen out of love with the pedigreed racehorse computer that my friends at AMD sent last year. I keep recommending this machine to everyone that asks me “for the ultimate laptop experience”. … Continue reading

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