Announcing the Winner – HP Magic Giveaway Contest

I am very pleased to announce that Millie Gonzales is the winner of my HP Magic Giveaway Contest with an entry that will Share the Magic with so many people for a long time to come. Her entry is below.

Edit: Millie and her family took a Sunday drive to collect their winnings. It was great meeting them and I look forward to pix from Millie as she sets up the TouchSmart at home and the laptops in the library.


Millie and her family picking up their HP Magic Giveaway Prizes

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Don’t forget that there are other contests still running. Check the list under my picture to the right.

Here is Millie’s winning entry and a few of the submitted images:

I am the Reference Librarian at Framingham State College. My colleague, Barbara L. Slavin, is a wonderful photographer and she shot the photographs of the library.
Due to state budget cuts, the technology budget for the library is extremely limited. What some academic libraries do is offer students the ability to checkout laptops for a small period of time. We have some computers at the library and they are always being used (none are loaner laptops). I would like to donate the three laptops to the library so that undergraduate, graduate and continuing education students could checkout the laptops for reasonable amount of  time, like they would checkout a library book. It is a wonderful service and we would not be able to provide it without your assistance.
I would donate the photo printer and photo value pak also to the library so that our librarian/photographer could print some of photos of library related events. The library building also houses the Graphic Arts department and those students who are taking photography would be able to use the printer.
The Microsoft Windows software and the Kungfu Panda DVD I would donate to my daughter’s middle school. They also have a limited technology budget and software licenses in general are expensive.
I would keep the TouchSmart PC, the MediaSmart Connect and the Corel VideoStudio.
Thank you for your consideration and have a great holiday, Millie


The Special Collections Room holds the Christa McAullife papers



Hard at work in lower stacks of library



Librarians are always there to help students


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