Why won’t MS take x64 Computing Seriously?

This is the second time Microsoft has let down Vista 64 bit users who are also photographers. The first was on the lack of RAW codecs for Windows Photo Gallery, which the PIX team blamed on the Camera makers.

Today, a new tool, “Pro Photo Tools Version 1“, for pro photographers was released.

And there is no support for x64. Thanks, Microsoft! I salute you, again, for your support (and I don’t mean the 21 gun type of salute..)


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3 Responses to Why won’t MS take x64 Computing Seriously?

  1. Matthew Miller (aka palmsolo) says:

    FYI, you know that Sharon Crawford has two entries shown in the screenshot you posted, numbers 525 and 526? You may want to either draw again or take down you screenshot that shows multiple entries by the same person.

  2. barb says:

    Multiple entries from different email addresses were allowed. Multiple entries from the SAME email address were not. The email addresses were different.

  3. neuralgic says:

    Neuralgic says : I absolutely agree with this !

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