Another Reason I Use an Ad Blocker

Microsoft accepted some paid advertising for banner ads on Windows Live Messenger and MSN that inflicted some harm/pain on some users. This malware is called System Doctor 2006 which inflicts Winfixer and Errorsafe. Sandi’s Spyware Sucks site has the details.

My ad blocker of choice is Ad Muncher. It even works on x64 Vista. It kills ads on Windows Live Messenger and IE.

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2 Responses to Another Reason I Use an Ad Blocker

  1. Sam Spade says:

    As Patchou pointed out, ad blockers are no guarantee that your system is protected (especially specialised ad removers to block adverts in Windows Live Messenger – when it comes to IM clients, all that some ad blockers do is hide the ads graphics, without blocking the controls that allow things like the Errorsafe pop-ups to appear. Unless your system is set to route advertising networks to, then you are still potentially at risk.

  2. Barb Bowman says:

    Fortunately, I’ve never seen anything like this. Ad Muncher is not just for IM, though. It’s also doing a great job in IE.

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